Services Offered

Available Services We Offer:

  • New start up websites, projects, etc. – to YOUR design specifications,
  • Revamp/Revitalize your old/already-existing website(s),
  • Custom graphics for things like logos, tile/wallpaper, headers, images (even for featured articles), etc,
  • Build/improve mobile-responsiveness and device compatibility into your current website design,
  • Design/code troubleshooting/correcting – so that your website(s) function and appear properly and professionally – in every browser, any device,
  • General website maintenance and scheduled maintenance to include: Managed updates, backups and archival, and even general clean up of “clutter”, cache, temp. files,
  • Updating/upgrading website/server software (includes checking for compatibility issues between software packages, debugging, and other needed corrections and repairs),
  • Regularly scheduled website/database backups and archives – and even automated rotation of backups,
  • Disaster recovery/mitigation – Website security is now more important than ever! Let us take over the headaches of restoring your website to “good as new” again,
  • General SEO-help and improvements for better search-ability of your website(s)- with or without the use of AD-Scripts,
  • Other general custom-coded projects/services – first-rate work, for a reasonable hourly-fee,

Other additional services:

For a small fee, we can also do a full browser-compatibility check of your website(s), using the latest W3C standards, and offer recommendations on remedying any issues found within your current design. (This is offered as a “standalone” service – if not already part of a current design/development contract.)

We can also train some of your staff on best-security practices in using good, solid passwords and authentication, as well as assist in building a comprehensive “Security Plan” for the proper safe-guarding of your company’s log-in credentials and other sensitive data, and written, detailed recommendations for better-secured website(s). If you are using any CMS (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) to display your site, we also have good suggestions on how to improve web-application security through not only sensible and consistent configuration settings, but also better use practices, too.

All custom-coded/designed projects by request are chargeable by reasonable hourly rates.

Long-term technical support and customer care are also available (especially for regular site maintenance, updates/upgrades, and regularly-scheduled backups). Whether this be a month-to-month, six-month, yearly, or for longer – technical support programs are fitted to your company’s needs, and compatible with your budget.

Why settle for a purely “big-box chain” where you are merely just another number, when we can offer custom-tailored, personalized service that will also be available for the long-term? Let A FRESH WEB SOLUTION take the worries out of maintaining your business front-end on-line, so that you only need worry about your business’s actual day-to-day operations.