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Web and Application Security-related.

Coming soon –My new E-Book on Securing Your VPS-Hosted Site!

I wish to announce to the world that,

I am working on a specialized e-book of my own, concerning how to highly-secure your VPS-hosted website. This writing will be based from my own research and personal experience in applying and improving upon suggested means and methods of attaining very solid security practices for your website(s), just like I have accomplished for my own. I will release it free of charge, under the “Creative Commons with Attribution”License –I hope this will encourage more website owner/operators to seriously consider implementing good, solid website/server security!

Note:Of course, any and all donations for it will always be gladly and gratefully accepted. 😉

So please, stay tuned on this “frequency”(Hah-hah! A little “radio-operator”talk here!) –err, website for additional info.



Coming soon –A New WordPress Plugin:CSP-Master

Soon to come . . .

I will soon be crafting and testing a new WordPress Plugin, for the added benefit of using Content-Security-Policy directives to secure your WordPress website. For those looking to enhance their website’s ability to resist XSS-type attacks, I have an answer.

I have already checked out several other related plugins, and found them to be lacking in a few features/methods –as well as a majority of them simply NOT working. Therefore, I have a solution of my own to offer.


Hackers:Keep Teaching Me New Tricks!

Well now!

It has been some time since I last set up and started this website.

Over time, my custom firewall has been evolving with the changes AND the increasing complexities of the attacks. Hmmm!


I decided it was very good that I learned some good, advanced programming –as well as –keeping good tabs on my logs. Gee, don’t some folks get the picture by now? Automated “Crap-bots”are not going to cut it, and neither are all those “script-kiddies”! So, keep teaching me all those newly-learned tricks you keep trying on my website! My software and I learn from the best!

On another note:

Going to be trying out the new WordPress “5”series very shortly. Though I am not a big fan of “forced-features”(ahem!!!), I am at least willing to try my hand at anything new. This will also mean working on the next greatest firewall standards to completely secure (as best as possible and practical) the newer WordPress versions.

And so . . .

Let the all those “crap-bots”do all they possibly can.

I will STILL win in the end!

 –Jim S.