My Plugins

Here is a list of some of my newest WordPress plugins. These are very simple, light-weight, and require no database entries, tables, or data to be created. They can simply be deleted when no longer needed!

Clean Up WP Headers – It removes some extra HTML page-header tags generated by WordPress’s default-filters, AND even removes the added response header field called “Link:”.

No Frame Me – Prevents others from “framing” your website inside of FRAME and IFRAME containers. This is helpful especially for those who do not have access to .htaccess nor the server’s .conf settings. (But requires the user-agent to allow JavaScripts.)

Simple Emoji Remove – Removes all of the JavaScripts, Styles, and all other added tags, etc. that power and display Emojis on your website. Some folks may not need nor use Emojis, so why continue to have all of it bloat-up their HTML pages?

Simple Version Remove – Removes all versioning query strings that are appended to loaded scripts and styles, AND from the “Generator” META tag. The rest of the world does NOT need to know EVERYTHING about what your website is running. (Still hope you are keeping your software up-to-date, though!)

== As soon as my plugins are accepted into the WordPress repositories, this page, and all related pages will be updated with the links accordingly.



Welcome to A Fresh Web Solution!

If you were looking for first-class web design and other great website solutions and ideas –

You came to the right place!

Right now, we are still troubleshooting and fine-tuning this website. We wish to make sure that all security considerations have been met, and all challenges to it answered. Our custom-designed firewall is, as would be expected, an ongoing “work-in-progress”. Another fine contribution to “a safer Internet” for everyone.

Please add A Fresh Web Solution to your current bookmarks, and check back, time to time, to see what new developments and fresh ideas we have cooked up! 😉



About: A Fresh Web Solution (AFWS)

A FRESH WEB SOLUTION is a new, small start-up company, with big goals and a seasoned appreciation for the many, new web technologies of today.

It is my dream, to see this vision and professionalism become reality, through innovation and refinement, that becomes evident in resulting in first-rate quality products.

My personal level of practical, hands-on experience range from fine-tuning HTML5 and CSS3 structures, but also in developing Javascript applications, web-server back-end programming, installation, configuration, and securing web-servers and their applications.

The website you are visiting now, is running on a semi-managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) environment, set up completely by me! I believe that the best experience is attained by actually doing, and learning from it. As an “old-timer” when it comes to computing and developing applications and the related, I have a thorough understanding and much hands-on experience with computers and networks.

I can also help you with your next graphics-related project, even down to designing your next business logo, trademark image, or whatever your business’s “image needs”! I also demonstrate the true power of “Open-Source”, through the use of many fine open-source software for my own business needs. My belief is that: “If there are cheaper, comparable programs that will fit my needs just as well, then why not learn to use them?” Setting up your own digital office need not be expensive, – and – neither should your website be expensive to set up and maintain.

Let A FRESH WEB SOLUTION show you how websites should be done!

– Jim


Services Offered

Available Services I offer:

  • New websites, projects, etc. – to your design specifications,
  • Revamp/Revitalize your old/already-existing website(s),
  • Custom graphics for things like logos, tile/wallpaper, headers, images for featured articles, etc,
  • Build/improve mobile-responsiveness and device compatibility into your current website design,
  • Design/code troubleshooting/correcting – so that your website(s) function and appear properly and professionally,
  • General website maintenance and scheduled maintenance,
  • Updating/upgrading website/server software (includes checking for compatibility issues and needed corrections/debugging),
  • Regularly scheduled website/database backups and archives,
  • Disaster recovery/mitigation – Website security is now more important than ever!
  • General SEO-help and improvements for better searchability of your website(s),
  • Other general custom-coded projects/services,

Other additional services:

For a small fee, I am also willing to do a full browser-compatibility check of your website(s), using the latest W3C standards, and offer my own recommendations on remedying any issues I find within your current design. (This is offered as a “standalone” service, if not already part of a current design/development contract.)

I also encourage best-practices in computing and accessing of your website(s). If you are using a CMS (like WordPress, which renders THIS website) to display your website, I also have good suggestions on how to improve your website-security through better use practices, too.

Custom-coded projects by request are chargeable by reasonable hourly rates.

Long-term technical support and customer care also available (especially for maintenance, updates/upgrades, and regularly-scheduled backups, too)! Whether this be a month-to-month, six-month, yearly, or for longer – technical support programs are fitted to your needs and compatible with your budget.

Why settle for a service that will not also be available for the long-term? Let A FRESH WEB SOLUTION take the worries out of maintaining your business front-end on-line, so that you only need worry about your business’s actual day-to-day operations.