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* A company whose mission was to deliver the very best, innovative approaches to crafting custom websites for any taste, and for any business or non-business image on-line.

* A company proudly-owned by one of America's veterans, and also a genuine freedom lover.

Because of the current, on-going national and international situation, our company has had a very difficult time getting established in the general economy and market in relation to on-line commerce, designs, coding custom applications, security concepts, and many aspects to graphics and media design. Indeed, it has been a very difficult, if not virtually impossible time for many like us, and the economic situation just seems to grow worse, day by day. We have tried to reach out in many areas of the market, to showcase our portfolio and examples of our quality workmanship. However, the web-design market was already getting saturated with cheap, fly-by-night businesses, which have left many websites wanting in good security, effective design, and market engagement. There are a great many such lower-end companies aplenty.


Due to the continued economic deterioration of our national and international economy, as is the usual, only the largest and most well-funded companies are able to continue their existence. Government policies have only served to further exacerbate this economic trend, and conveniently blame it on a phantom "pandemic" which has seen far fewer deaths than many previous pandemics. It has become more realized, that these policies have become not only more pervasive, but also more intrusive and more destructive towards the general economic health of the world's nations. Such a state of affairs can not sustain itself for long. We feel that it is only a matter of time, before internet access and its usefulness will be reduced to only providing for basic necessities for those who can afford it, and become largely another obstacle to most in their pursuits to achieving a fair and decent livelihood. Sure, we can all blame it on the "virus", but that would be completely missing the whole issue: "Bureaucratic policies that favor the biggest of the big, to the disadvantage of the rest."

Over the next few weeks,

We will be completely winding down operations, and most likely even shutting down the blogs. Blogs do not seem to be a viable venue for generating much-needed revenue. It is, however, most unfortunate that so many of our fellow national citizens have neglected and even REJECTED their responsibilities in helping to insure that our beloved "Land of The Free, Home of The Brave" remains a great and wonderful example of what a truly free Representative Republic is all about! Our nation's charter-protected, unalienable rights, freedoms, and liberties are under constant assault by the "new world thinking" that has so captivated most of our school-aged children for over two decades. This was not by accident! This was a "progressive", deliberate process. The rights and freedoms that many before us, bled and died in fighting to preserve, to pass on to our future generations has been betrayed through the lack of action and understanding of many of our fellow citizens. Now, this trend has accelerated to unbelievable lengths, and the worst is still yet to come!

"2020" has become known as: "The Year America Died!"